How exercise helps to increase testosterone levels

Low levels of testosterone in men can be improved with the help of exercise, according to the latest medical research.

Physicians and fitness professionals are pondering the effects of sport on male hormone important for physiological and mental balance, after they found that testosterone levels rise immediately after a physical workout.

The Problems Associated with Low Testosterone Levels

When a man’s body does not produce sufficient levels of testosterone, hormonal deficit is directly reflected in a decreased sexual performance, but also in a state of fragile physical and emotional health.

Reducing the level of testosterone occurs as a natural (webseite besuchen) transformation with age. After the age of 30, testosterone production decreases by about 1-2% annually. Other causes of male sex hormone which can decrease the amount are trauma, various diseases or certain drug treatments.

Moreover, obesity and low testosterone deeply interconnected, the latter thus playing a role in increasing the risk of triggering heart disease.

Testosterone helps maintain a number of important body functions, which include:

– Libido;

– Sperm production;

– Muscle development;increase testosterone levels

– The distribution of fat in the body;

– Bone density;

– The production of red blood cells;

Thus, with the installation of testosterone deficiency a lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction and infertility might occur (70% of men with low levels of this hormone shows erectile problems and 63% had low sexual desire, according to the American Diabetes Association).

Insufficient level of testosterone leads to various physiological changes, which include

– Increased amount of body fat;

– Decrease in muscle mass;

– Brittle bones;

– Hair loss;

– Hot flashes;

– Tiredness;

– Deficient cholesterol metabolism;

The lowered amount of testosterone in the body might entail emotional changes also, leading to sharp feelings of sadness, depression, impaired memory and concentration or low self-esteem.