The Magic of Seduction: Testosterone

We present the main “culprit” for animal attraction, looking sexy, masculine potency and libido: testosterone. Man’s best asset, testosterone is the sex hormone giving all Adam’s heirs an air of irresistible conqueror.

Testosterone and Potency

Even if all men love any sexual activity with flavor, not everyone can get involved in something without having to carry a sufficient amount of testosterone. Regardless of intellectual ability, character or behavior, they will never face the mating ritual in the absence of the hormone in question. Thanks to a sufficiently high level of testosterone, a male can enjoy the best of attraction and seduction, sexual acts satisfying and even masturbation.

Testosterone and Masturbation

During puberty, boys begin to realize their own sexuality. Those who have high levels of testosterone have a greater sexual desire phase of self-discovery; it excites more easily and more often than their level a little lower. Therefore, masturbating more often is a mandatory requirement if one wants to later know instinctively how they should satisfy a woman.

Testosterone and Physical Attraction

Women judge men’s sexual potential depending on the level of self-confidence that he displays it. Powerful men, the “I know I can” type, know their strengths and know how to entangle any woman. Testosterone is “to blame” because, besides reliable, the very masculine appearance they give away makes it a magnet for weaker sex representatives.

Testosterone and Appearance

As I said above, testosterone plays a significant role when it comes to the physical aspect for men. Studies have shown that men whose testosterone levels are high have more developed muscles, being in shape because they generally exercise or engage in outdoor activities mode.

Also, these men have thicker hair and distributed large areas of the body compared with men whose testosterone level is lower. And last but not least, testosterone influences facial appearance, the hormone that lurks traits with tougher and more pronounced jaws or Adam’s apple.