Questions to Ask When Buying CBD Products

hemp oil CBDCBD is poised to be among the largest growing industries in 2020. As the markets keep flourishing, there will undoubtedly be new entrants into this industry – and this means that CBD products will continue flooding the markets. Less than a decade ago, consumers had different options to choose from. However, much is not always better, and not all CBD products are created equal.

As a conscious consumer planning to buy CBD oil, you need to embrace the fact that there are high-quality products, low-quality products, and everything in between. It is imperative to do due diligence on your part to avoid the risk of spending money on inferior CBD products, which form a considerable proportion of products in the market. That said, here are some questions that could help you buy the right CBD product.

Has the Product Been Tested?

This one of the main questions everyone looking for CBD products is whether a third party has evaluated the quality of the product, and not by the company itself. These tests are essential as far as ascertaining the effectiveness of a product is concerned. And if the lab reports are there, they should at least be shared somewhere on the company’s website. Examine whether the product ingredients are consistent with those disclosed by the report.

What is the Concentration of THC?

While THC is legal in a number of jurisdictions, it is also illegal in some. For any CBD product to be considered legal, it should contain at most 0.3% of THC. The essence of asking this question is to verify that the product does not leave some psychoactive effects. This should not be a significant concern for anyone living in a country where THC is illegal, but if otherwise, always confirm that the amount of THC doesn’t exceed this limit.

Why Was the Hemp Sourced?

Although most people do not pay much attention to the source of the hemp, which is the source of CBD, it is always important to know. Why? Where the hemp was sourced from could give you an idea of the quality you will be getting. Ideally, the best CBD products are sourced in areas with fertile soils, and most importantly, farms that observe the highest cultivation standards.

Besides these three questions, there are undoubtedly other questions to ask. The key to getting the best product is always to do your homework.

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